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Hi Kidz!


Please take a look and let me know what you think via any medium you feel is appropriate… On here, through my Facebook or Instagram pages or via interpretive dance. I don’t mind.

Thank you for reading.

Kirsty x

Welcome to Time Steps Without Shuffles


Some people would call it a blog but the word blog makes me shudder a bit so I will call it a Self-Indulgent Thingamibobber until I can come up with something a bit catchier.

Basically, it’s a website with some ramblings and rantings coming from the keyboard of a mummy of two boys (this IS NOT a parenting or mummy blog), in her 40s (1978 baby, yeah!) who thinks she’s still in 1997 (hurray for the 90s) and really likes to write (but will people want to read?).

A warm welcome to my newest members...





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